How to Automatically Generate Social Image Thumbnails in 1 Second

If you are a blogger or content creator online, it’s no secret that links with catchy thumbnails are more likely to get more clicks on social media. Although you have known this for while the process of creating the thumbnails can be too much especially when you are a solo publisher or have a small team who should rather focus on creating quality content.

This article reviews by far one of the the easiest tools to create thumbnail images for your blog/website.

Creating thumbnail images on starts by just copy-pasting your article’s URL then hit generate. The website automatically comes up with different templates of thumbnail images which you will choose one from and download the image file.

What’s special about the generated images? will automatically analyze your article’s metadata and generate a sexy thumbnail.  It used a royalty-free image, as a base layer to generate your thumbnail.

What Options are there?

  • You can choose a picture from the list of choices that have been provided to you depending on the analysis of your article’s sentiment.
  • You can provide a custom image URL that you want to use as a thumbnail picture.
  • You can search the wide free stock of being on the same page.
  • You can change the title text of the article to your liking and more.

Finally, you can hit download image and you have your thumbnail image on your hand.